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Fish and Wildlife Service

Fiscal Year 2004 Private Stewardship Grants Program; Request for 
Grant Proposals

AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior.

ACTION: Notice of request for proposals.


SUMMARY: We, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), are 
soliciting project proposals for Federal assistance under the Private 
Stewardship Grants Program (PSGP). This document describes how to 
access the required information for applying for funding under the PSGP 
through Grants.gov. In the future all notices of Federal assistance and 
requests for proposals for the PSGP will be made available through 
Grants.gov. The Service will discontinue the use of the Federal 
Register for such announcements following this notification.
    The PSGP provides grants and other assistance on a competitive 
basis to individuals and groups engaged in private, voluntary 
conservation efforts that benefit species listed or proposed as 
endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act of 1973, as 
amended (Act), candidate species, or other at-risk species on private 
lands within the United States.

DATES: Project proposals must be received by the appropriate Regional 
Office (see Table 1 in SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION) no later than March 
8, 2004.

ADDRESSES: For additional information, contact the Service's Regional 
Office that has the responsibility for the State or Territory in which 
the proposed project would occur. The contact information for each 
Regional Office is listed in Table 1 under SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION 
below. Information on the PSGP is available through the Internet site 
Grants.gov (http://www.grants.gov), from the Branch of State Grants, 

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 4401 N. Fairfax Drive, Room 420, 
Arlington, VA 22203, or electronically from our Web site at http://endangered.fws.gov/grants/private_stewardship.html
 or e-mail: 


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: The Program Contact in the appropriate 
Regional Office identified in Table 1 under SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION 
or Don Morgan, Acting Chief, Branch of State Grants (703-358-2061).



    The majority of endangered and threatened species depend, at least 
in part, upon privately owned lands for their survival. The help of 
landowners is essential for the conservation of these and other 
imperiled species. Fortunately, many private landowners want to help. 
Often, however, the costs associated with implementing conservation 
actions are greater than a landowner could undertake without financial 
assistance. The PSGP provides grants or other Federal assistance on a 
competitive basis to individuals and groups engaged in private, 
voluntary conservation efforts that benefit species listed or proposed 
as endangered or threatened under the Act, candidate species, or other 
at-risk species on private lands within the United States.
    The United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Endangered Species 
Program is soliciting project proposals for Federal assistance under 
the PSGP (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number 15.632). This 
document describes how to access the required information for applying 
for funding under the PSGP through the Grants.gov website.
    Dates: Proposals must be submitted to our Regional Offices within 
60 days of this announcement.

Additional Information

    Eligible PSGP projects include those by landowners and their 
partners who need technical and financial assistance to improve habitat 
or implement other activities on private lands. Under the PSGP, 
privately owned means land that is not owned by a governmental entity. 
The PSGP supports on-the-ground conservation actions as opposed to 
planning or research activities, and we will not fund the acquisition 
of real property either through fee title or easements.
    Private landowners, individually or as a group, are encouraged to 
submit project proposals for their properties. Additionally, 
individuals or groups (for example land conservancies, community 
organizations, or conservation organizations) working with private 
landowners on conservation efforts are also encouraged to submit 
project proposals provided they identify specific private landowners 
who have confirmed their intent to participate on the project or 
provide other evidence in the project proposal to demonstrate landowner 
participation will occur.
    A PSGP proposal must include at least 10 percent cost sharing 
(i.e., at least 10 percent of total project cost) on the part of the 
landowner or other non-Federal partners involved in the project. The 
cost share must come from sources other than the PSGP or other Federal 
    A complete program announcement and request for proposals may be 
accessed by visiting Grants.gov (http://www.grants.gov). Grants.gov is the new 

single point of entry for posting Federal government grant and other 
assistance opportunities. Potential applicants for the PSGP may access 
program overview information, the full text of the announcement, and 
the application package for this request for proposals by accessing 
Grants.gov and then using the FIND utility (``Find Grant 
Opportunities,'' or http://fedgrants.gov/grants/servlet/SearchServlet/) 

to access this information. Potential applicants may use the FIND 
utility by searching for the PSGP either by entering the title 
``Private Stewardship Grants Program'' or by using the PSGP's Catalog 
of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number of 15.632.

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                                       Table 1.--List of Regional Contacts
                                  States or territory
        Service region           where the project will          Address            Regional PSGP  contact and
                                         occur                                               phone No.
Region 1......................  Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon,   U.S. Fish and Wildlife   Heather Hollis
                                 Washington, American     Service, Eastside       (503-231-6241.
                                 Samoa, Guam, and         Federal Complex, 911
                                 Commonwealth of the      N.E. 11th Avenue,
                                 Northern Mariana         Portland, OR 97232-
                                 Islands.                 4181.
Region 1......................  California and Nevada..  U.S. Fish and Wildlife   Michael Fris
                                                          Service, Federal        (916-414-6464).
                                                          Building, 2800 Cottage
                                                          Way, Room W-2606,
                                                          Sacramento, CA 95825-
Region 2......................  Arizona, New Mexico,     U.S. Fish and Wildlife   Mike McCollum
                                 Oklahoma, and Texas.     Service, 500 Gold       (817-277-1100).
                                                          Avenue SW., Room 4012,
                                                          Albuquerque, NM 87102.
Region 3......................  Illinois, Indiana,       U.S. Fish and Wildlife   Peter Fasbender
                                 Iowa, Michigan,          Service, Bishop Henry   (612-713-5343).
                                 Minnesota, Missouri,     Whipple Federal
                                 Ohio and Wisconsin.      Building, One Federal
                                                          Drive, Fort Snelling,
                                                          MN 55111-4056.
Region 4......................  Alabama, Arkansas,       U.S. Fish and Wildlife   Richard Gooch
                                 Florida, Georgia,        Service, 1875 Century   (404-679-7124).
                                 Kentucky, Louisiana,     Boulevard, Suite 200,
                                 Mississippi, North       Atlanta, GA 30345.
                                 Carolina, South
                                 Carolina, Tennessee,
                                 Puerto Rico, and the
                                 U.S. Virgin Islands.
Region 5......................  Connecticut,             U.S. Fish and Wildlife   Diane Lynch
                                 Delaware,District of     Service, 300 Westgate   (413-253-8628).
                                 Columbia, Maine,         Center Drive, Hadley,
                                 Maryland,                MA 01035-9589.
                                 Massachusetts, New
                                 Hampshire, New Jersey,
                                 New York,
                                 Pennsylvania, Rhode
                                 Island, Vermont,
                                 Virginia, and West
Region 6......................  Colorado, Kansas,        U.S. Fish and Wildlife   Pat Mehlhop
                                 Montana, Nebraska,       Service, P.O. Box       (303-236-7400 ext. 225).
                                 North Dakota, South      25486, Denver Federal
                                 Dakota, Utah, and        Center, Denver, CO
                                 Wyoming.                 80225-0486.
Region 7......................  Alaska.................  U.S. Fish and Wildlife   Michael Roy
                                                          Service, 1011 East      (907-786-3925).
                                                          Tudor Road, Anchorage,
                                                          AK 99503-6199.

    The information collection requirements associated with the PSGP 
are approved under Office of Management and Budget (OMB) control number 
1018-0118, which expires on July 31, 2005. An agency may not conduct or 
sponsor, and a person is not required to respond to, a collection of 
information unless it displays a currently valid OMB control number.

    Dated: November 6, 2003.
Marshall Jones,
Acting Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
[FR Doc. 04-3 Filed 1-5-04; 8:45 am]