[Federal Register: June 30, 2004 (Volume 69, Number 125)]
[Page 39498-39499]
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Fish and Wildlife Service

Receipt of Applications for Endangered Species Permits

AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior.

ACTION: Notice of receipt of applications for permits.


SUMMARY: The public is invited to comment on the following applications 
to conduct certain activities with endangered species. We provide this 
notice pursuant to section 10(c) of the Endangered Species Act of 1973, 
as amended (16 U.S.C. 1531 et seq.).

DATES: We must receive written data or comments on these applications 
at the address given below, by July 30, 2004.

ADDRESSES: Documents and other information submitted with these 
applications are available for review, subject to the requirements of 
the Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act, by any party who 
submits a written request for a copy of such documents to the following 
office within 30 days of the date of publication of this notice: U.S. 
Fish and Wildlife Service, 1875 Century Boulevard, Suite 200, Atlanta, 
Georgia 30345 (Attn: Victoria Davis, Permit Biologist).

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Victoria Davis, telephone 404/679-
4176; facsimile 404/679-7081.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The public is invited to comment on the 
following applications for permits to conduct certain activities with 
endangered species. If you wish to comment, you may submit comments by 
any one of the following methods. You may mail comments to the 
Service's Regional Office (see ADDRESSES section) or via electronic 
mail (e-mail) to victoria_davis@fws.gov. Please submit electronic 
comments as an ASCII file avoiding the use of special characters and 
any form of encryption. Please also include your name and return 
address in your e-mail message. If you do not receive a confirmation 
from the Service that we have received your e-mail message, contact us 
directly at the telephone number listed above (see FOR FURTHER 
INFORMATION CONTACT section). Finally, you may hand deliver comments to 
the Service office listed above (see ADDRESSES section).
    Our practice is to make comments, including names and home 
addresses of respondents, available for public review during regular 
business hours. Individual respondents may request that we withhold 
their home address from the administrative record. We will honor such 
requests to the extent allowable by law. There may also be other 
circumstances in which we would withhold from the administrative record 
a respondent's identity, as allowable by law. If you wish us to 
withhold your name and address, you must state this prominently at the 
beginning of your comments. However, we will not consider anonymous 
comments. We will make all submissions from organizations or 
businesses, and from individuals identifying themselves as 
representatives or officials of organizations or businesses, available 
for public inspection in their entirety.
    Applicant: Archbold Expeditions, Archbold Biological Station, 
MacArthur Agro-Ecology, Lake Placid, Florida, TE088035-0
    The applicant requests authorization to harass the Florida scrub 
jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens), Audubon's crested caracara (Polyborus 
plancus audubonii), wood stork (Mycteria americana), American alligator 
(Alligator mississippiensis), eastern indigo snake (Drymarchon corais 
couperi), bluetail mole skink (Eumeces egregius lividus), sand skink 
(Neoseps reynoldsi), and the Florida panther (Puma (=Felis) concolor 
coryi). The applicant also requests authorization to destroy or remove 
Cladonia perforata (Perforate reindeer lichen), Clitoria fragrans 
(Pigeon-wing butterfly-pea), Dicerandra frutescens (Lake Placid scrub 
mint), Liatris ohlingerae (Scrub blazing star), Nolina brittoniana 
(Scrub beargrass), Paronychia chartacea (Papery Whitlow-wort), 
Polygonella basiramia (Hairy jointweed), Polygonella myriophylla 
(Small's jointweed), Prunus geniculata (Florida scrub plum), and Warea 
carteri (Carter's Mustard). Take would occur while conducting 
prescribed burns for habitat management, restoration, and research in 
Highland's County, Florida.

Applicant: Stuart L. Pimm, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, 

    The applicant requests authorization to take (capture, identify, 
band, release) the Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow rulea (Ammodramus 
maritimus mirabilis) while conducting long term population presence and 
absence surveys. The proposed activities would throughout the species 
range in the State of Florida.
    Applicant: Alan David Christian, Arkansas State University, State 
University, Arkansas TE088891-0
    The applicant requests authorization to take (capture, identify, 
temporarily hold in captivity, collect tissue samples, translocate, and 
release) Ouachita rock pocketbook (Arkansia wheeleri), Curtis' 
pearlymussel (Epioblasma florentina curtisii), turgid blossom 
(Epioblasma turgidula), pink mucket (Lampsilis abrupta), Arkansas 
fatmucket (Lampsilis powelli), speckled pocketbook (Lampsilis 
streckeri), scaleshell (Leptodea leptodon), fat pocketbook (Potamilus 
capax), and winged mapleleaf (Quadrula fragosa) while conducting 
presence and absence studies, genetic studies, and/or control 
propagation activities. The proposed activities would occur throughout 
the species range in Arkansas.
    Applicant: U.S. Forest Service, National Forest in North Carolina, 
Steven A. Simon, Asheville, North Carolina TE088906-0
    The applicant requests authorization to take (capture, band, 
release, and monitor nests) of the red-cockaded woodpecker (Picoides 
borealis) while conducting nest monitoring and bird banding. The 
proposed activities would take place on the Croatan National Forest; 
Craven, Carteret, and Jones Counties, North Carolina.
    Applicant: Leslie J. Rissler, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, TE088913-0
    The applicant requests authorization to take (harass) red-cockaded 
woodpeckers (Picoides borealis) and take (capture and release) 
flattened musk turtle (Sternotherus depressus) while conducting 
presence and absence surveys. The proposed activities would take place 
throughout the species ranges in Alabama.
    Applicant: Martha J. Flanagan, North Carolina State University, 
Raleigh, North Carolina, TE088941-0
    The applicant requests authorization to take (capture, hold, 
release) Puerto Rican Boas (Epicrates inornatus) while studying the 
feeding ecology of juveniles. The proposed activities

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would occur throughout the species range in Puerto Rico.
    Applicant: Dr. Charles Lydeard, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, TE089039-0
    The applicant requests authorization to take (capture, identify, 
release) the following species: ovate clubshell (Pleurobema perovatum), 
southern clubshell (Pleurobema decisum), southern combshell (Epioblasma 
penita), upland combshell (Epioblasma metastriata), Alabama (=inflated) 
heelsplitter (Potamilus inflatus), triangular kidneyshell 
(Ptychobranchus greeni), Alabama moccasinshell (Medionidus 
acutissimus), Coosa moccasinshell (Medionidus parvulus), gulf 
moccasinshell (Medionidus penicillatus), orangenacre mucket (Lampsilis 
perovalis), dark pigtoe (Pleurobema furvum), flat pigtoe (Pleurobema 
marshalli), heavy pigtoe (Pleurobema taitianum), fined-lined pocketbook 
(Lampsilis altilis), stirrupshell (Quadrula stapes), lacy (snail) 
elimia (Elimia crenatella), cylindrical (snail) lioplax (Lioplax 
cyclostomaformis), flat pebblesnail (Lepyrium showalteri), painted 
rocksnail (Leptoxis taeniata), plicate rocksnail (Leptoxis plicata), 
round rocksnail (Leptoxis ampla), and tulotoma snail (Tulotoma 
magnifica) while conducting presence/absence surveys. The proposed 
activities would occur in western Alabama.

    Dated: June 14, 2004.
Sam D. Hamilton,
Regional Director.
[FR Doc. 04-14780 Filed 6-29-04; 8:45 am]