[Federal Register: April 28, 2003 (Volume 68, Number 81)]
[Page 22409]
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Fish and Wildlife Service

Availability of Final Comprehensive Conservation Plan for 
Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, Green River, WY

AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior.

ACTION: Notice of availability.


SUMMARY: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announces that a 
Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) and Summary for Seedskadee 
National Wildlife Refuge is available. This CCP, prepared pursuant to 
the National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997 and the 
National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, describes how the U.S. Fish 
and Wildlife Service intends to manage this Refuge for the next 15 

ADDRESSES: A copy of the Plan or Summary may be obtained by writing to 
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, 
P.O. Box 700, Green River, WY 82935; or download from http://mountain-prairie.fws.gov/planning

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Carol Damberg, Project Leader, U.S. 
Fish and Wildlife Service, Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, P.O. 
Box 700, Green River, WY 82935. Phone 307-875-2187; fax 307-875-4425; 
or e-mail: carol_damberg@fws.gov.


    Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), comprised of 26,382 
acres, is long and narrow and is bisected throughout its length by the 
Green River, within the Upper Colorado River basin, in Sweetwater 
County, southwestern Wyoming. The Refuge is situated in a high desert 
plain where the native upland plant associations include sagebrush/
grass, greasewood and shadscale, and bottomland plant associations 
include wet meadow riparian types with willows and cottonwoods 
dominating the overstory and riverine wetlands. Over 220 species, 
including some Federally listed species, of birds, mammals, reptiles, 
amphibians, and fishes utilize, occur at, or migrate through this 
Refuge. Seedskadee NWR was established in 1965 through the Colorado 
River Storage Project Act of 1956 and the principal purpose of the 
Refuge is to provide for the conservation, maintenance, and management 
of wildlife resources and its habitat including the development and 
improvement of such wildlife resources. Additionally, the Refuge is 
charged to protect the scenery, cultural resources, and other natural 
resources and provide for public use and enjoyment of compatible 
wildlife-dependent activities.
    The availability of the Draft CCP and Environmental Assessment (EA) 
for 30-day public review and comment was announced in the Federal 
Register on October 31, 2001, in Volume 66, Number 211. The Draft CCP/
EA identified and evaluated three alternatives for managing Seedskadee 
National Wildlife Refuge for the next 15 years. Alternative 1, the no 
action alternative, would have continued current management of the 
Refuge. Alternative 2 (preferred alternative) emphasizes restoration of 
riparian habitat functions and forest health, and restoration of 
historic wetland types within the Refuge. Alternative 3 would have 
maximized wildlife benefits by focusing on habitat protection and 
enhancement and de-emphasizing public use opportunities.
    Based on this assessment and comments received, the preferred 
Alternative 2 was selected for implementation. The preferred 
alternative was selected because it best meets the purposes and goals 
of the Refuge, as well as the goals of the National Wildlife Refuge 
System. The preferred alternative will also benefit foraging raptors, 
marsh birds, migrating and nesting waterfowl, and neotropical migrants, 
as well as improvements in water quality from riparian habitat 
restoration. Modifications to existing vehicular routes will result in 
improved wildlife habitats and diversified visitor experiences. 
Cultural and historical resources will be interpreted and protected.

    Dated: October 2, 2002.
Elliott Sutta,
Regional Director, Region 6, Denver, Colorado.
[FR Doc. 03-10335 Filed 4-25-03; 8:45 am]