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Fish and Wildlife Service

RIN 1018-AI56

Fiscal Year 2002 Private Stewardship Grants Program; Proposal Due 
Date Extension

AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior.

ACTION: Notice; extension of the due date.


SUMMARY: We, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), announce a 
due-date extension for submission of project proposals for Federal 
assistance under the fiscal year 2002 Private Stewardship Grants 
Program (PSGP). Project proposals must now be submitted to the 
appropriate Service Regional Office by January 15, 2003.

DATES: Project proposals must be received by the appropriate Regional 
Office (see Table 1 in SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION) no later than January 
15, 2003.

ADDRESSES: For additional information contact the Service's Regional 
Office that has the responsibility for the State or Territory in which 
the proposed project would occur. The contact information for each 
Regional Office is listed in Table 1 under SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION 
below. Information on the PSGP is also available from the Branch of 
Recovery and State Grants, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 4401 N. 
Fairfax Drive, Room 420, Arlington, VA 22203 or electronically at 
http://endangered.fws.gov/grants/private--stewardship.html or e-mail: 
    To submit a project proposal send your project proposals to the 
Service's Regional Office that has the responsibility for the State or 
Territory in which the proposed project would occur (see Table 1 under 
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION). You must submit one original and two copies 
of the complete proposal. We will not accept facsimile project 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: The Program Contact in the appropriate 
Regional Office identified in Table 1 under SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION 
or Martin Miller, Chief, Branch of

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Recovery and State Grants (703/358-2061).



    On October 1, 2002, we published in the Federal Register (67 FR 
61649) a notice announcing the final implementation guidelines and 
requesting proposals for the fiscal year 2002 Private Stewardship 
Grants Program. In that notice, we stated that project proposals must 
be received by the appropriate Regional Office by no later than 
December 2, 2002. In order to provide the public with additional time 
to become familiar with the program requirements and prepare proposals 
for this new program, we are now extending the due date for submission 
of project proposals under this program to January 15, 2003.

How To Apply for a PSGP Grant

    You must follow the instructions in the October 1, 2002, Federal 
Register (67 FR 61649) document in order to apply for financial 
assistance under the PSGP. For a description of the information that 
must be included in a project proposal, please see ``The PSGP Project 
Proposal'' section in the October 1, 2002, Federal Register document. 
Your project proposal should not be bound in any manner and must be 
printed on one side only. You must submit one signed original and two 
signed copies of your project proposal (including supporting 
information). Your unbound (a binder clip is allowed) project proposal 
must now be received by the appropriate Regional Office listed in Table 
1 by January 15, 2003. We encourage you to contact the Regional contact 
person listed in Table 1 prior to submitting a project proposal should 
you have questions regarding what information must be submitted with 
the project proposal. An incomplete proposal will not be considered for 

                                         Table 1.--Where To Send Project Proposals and List of Regional Contacts
                                States or territory where   Where to send your PSGP
        Service region            the project will occur       project proposal                      Regional PSGP contact and phone no.
Region 1......................  Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon,     Regional Director U.S.    Heather Hollis (503/231-6241).
                                 Washington, American       Fish and Wildlife
                                 Samoa, Guam, and           Service Eastside
                                 Commonwealth of the        Federal Complex 911
                                 Northern Mariana Islands.  N.E. 11th Avenue
                                                            Portland, OR 97232-4181.
Region 1......................  California and Nevada....  Office Manager U.S. Fish  Miel Corbett (916/414-6464).
                                                            and Wildlife Service
                                                            Federal Building, 2800
                                                            Cottage Way, Room W-
                                                            2606 Sacramento, CA
Region 2......................  Arizona, New Mexico,       Regional Director U.S.    Susan MacMullin (505/248-6671).
                                 Oklahoma, and Texas.       Fish and Wildlife
                                                            Service 500 Gold Avenue
                                                            SW., Room 4012
                                                            Albuquerque, NM 87102.
Region 3......................  Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,   Regional Director U.S.    Peter Fasbender (612/713-5343).
                                 Michigan, Minnesota,       Fish and Wildlife
                                 Missouri, Ohio, and        Service Bishop Henry
                                 Wisconsin.                 Whipple Federal
                                                            Building One Federal
                                                            Drive Fort Snelling, MN
Region 4......................  Alabama, Arkansas,         Regional Director U.S.    Noreen Walsh (404/679-7085).
                                 Florida, Georgia,          Fish and Wildlife
                                 Kentucky, Louisiana,       Service 1875 Century
                                 Mississippi, North         Boulevard, Suite 200
                                 Carolina, South            Atlanta, GA 30345.
                                 Carolina, Tennessee,
                                 Puerto Rico, and the
                                 U.S. Virgin Islands.
Region 5......................  Connecticut, Delaware,     Regional Director U.S.    Diane Lynch (413/253-8628).
                                 District of Columbia,      Fish and Wildlife
                                 Maine, Maryland,           Service 300 Westgate
                                 Massachusetts, New         Center Drive Hadley, MA
                                 Hampshire, New Jersey,     01035-9589.
                                 New York, Pennsylvania,
                                 Rhode Island, Vermont,
                                 Virginia, and West
Region 6......................  Colorado, Kansas,          Regional Director U.S.    Pat Mehlhop (303/236-7400 ext. 225).
                                 Montana, Nebraska, North   Fish and Wildlife
                                 Dakota, South Dakota,      Service P.O. Box 25486
                                 Utah, and Wyoming.         Denver Federal Center
                                                            Denver, CO 80225-0486.
Region 7......................  Alaska...................  Regional Director U.S.    Susan Detwiler (907/786-3868).
                                                            Fish and Wildlife
                                                            Service 1011 East Tudor
                                                            Road, Anchorage, AK

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    This notice is published under the authority of the Department of 
the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2002, H.R. 2217/
Public Law 107-63.

    Dated: October 31, 2002.
Paul Hoffman,
Acting Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks.
[FR Doc. 02-29352 Filed 11-18-02; 8:45 am]