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[Page 37437-37438]
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Fish and Wildlife Service

Receipt of Application for Endangered Species Permit

AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior.

ACTION: Notice of receipt of application for Endangered Species Permit.


SUMMARY: The following applicants have applied for permits to conduct 
certain activities with endangered species. This notice is provided 
pursuant to section 10(c) of the Endangered Species Act of 1973, as 
amended(16 U.S.C. 1531 et seq.).

DATES: Written data or comments on these applications must be received, 
at the address given below, by June 28, 2002.

ADDRESSES: Documents and other information submitted with these 
applications are available for review, subject to the requirements of 
the Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act, by any party who 
submits a written request for a copy of such documents to the following 
office within 30 days of the date of publication of this notice: U.S. 
Fish and Wildlife Service, 1875 Century Boulevard, Suite 200, Atlanta, 
Georgia 30345 (Attn: Victoria Davis, Permit Biologist). Telephone: 404/
679-4176; Facsimile: 404/679-7081.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Victoria Davis, Telephone: 404/679-
4176; Facsimile: 404/679-7081.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: If you wish to comment, you may submit

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comments by any one of several methods. You may mail comments to the 
Service's Regional Office (see ADDRESS). You may also comment via the 
Internet to ``victoria--davis@fws.gov.'' Please submit comments over 
the Internet as an ASCII file avoiding the use of special characters 
and any form of encryption. Please also include your name and return 
address in your Internet message. If you do not receive a confirmation 
from the Service that we have received your Internet message, contact 
us directly at either telephone number listed above (see FURTHER 
INFORMATION). Finally, you may hand deliver comments to the Service 
office listed below (see ADDRESSES). Our practice is to make comments, 
including names and home addresses of respondents, available for public 
review during regular business hours. Individual respondents may 
request that we withhold their home address from the administrative 
record. We will honor such requests to the extent allowable by law. 
There may also be other circumstances in which we would withhold from 
the administrative record a respondent's identity, as allowable by law. 
If you wish us to withhold your name and address, you must state this 
prominently at the beginning of your comments. However, we will not 
consider anonymous comments. We will make all submissions from 
organizations or businesses, and from individuals identifying 
themselves as representatives or officials of organizations or 
businesses, available for public inspection in their entirety.
    Applicant: Arlena Maija Wartell, University of Georgia, Athens, 
Georgia, TE056509-0.
    The applicant requests authorization to take (survey, capture, 
identify, examine, measure, tag, remove hair follicles, and release) 
the NorthCarolina northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus 
colratus) to provide information on the genetic structure, diversity, 
and gene flow of the populations in the southern Appalachians. The 
proposed activities will take place at the following North Carolina 
locations: Plott BalsamMountains, Roan Mountain, Grandfather Mountain, 
Great Smoky MountainsNational Park, and Unicoi Mountains.
    Applicant: Joseph H.K. Pechmann, University of New Orleans, New 
Orleans, Louisiana, TE056510-0.
    The applicant requests authorization to take (survey, capture, tag, 
toe clip, monitor egg masses and tadpoles, and translocate) the 
Mississippi gopher frog (Rana capito sevosa) to gather information 
about the growth and survival and metamorphosis of tadpoles when raised 
in ponds that have different characteristics and to determine if the 
species raised in artificial ponds will return to breed. The proposed 
activities will take place in the DeSoto National Forest, Harrison 
County, Mississippi.
    Applicant: Jeanette Wyneken, Florida Atlantic University, Boca 
Raton, Florida, TE056217-0.
    The applicant requests authorization to take (survey, capture, 
identify, radio tag, measure and weigh, and release) the loggerhead sea 
turtle(Caretta caretta), Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), and 
leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) to monitor green sea 
turtle use of developmental habitat in near shore waters, to collate 
and summarize long-term data, to update the understanding of the North 
Atlantic loggerhead population structure in a spatially explicit way, 
to update and partition the morality associated with several well-
documented environmental stressors, and to collect new comprehensive 
data to describe the sex ratios of hatchlings throughout the 
southeastern United States. The proposed activities will take place in 
Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.
    Applicant: Tennessee Valley Authority, Travis H. Henry, Norris, 
Tennessee, TE056341-0.
    The applicant requests authorization to take (survey, capture, 
mark, recapture, and release) the gray bat (Myotis grisescens), Indiana 
bat (Myotis sidakus), and bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) to 
determine presence and absence and to gather population data, and to 
conduct a feeding analysis study of bald eagles. The proposed 
activities will take place in 201 counties within the Tennessee Valley 
Authority Power Service Area. This would include areas throughout 
Tennessee and portions of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North 
Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky.
    Applicant: University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Dr. Michael 
A. McCartney, Wilmington, North Carolina TE056186-0.
    The applicant requests authorization to take (harass) the Waccamaw 
silverside (Menidia extensa) while conducting population surveys and 
collecting the Waccamaw darter (Etheostoma perlongum) for genetic 
studies. The proposed activities are confined to Lake Waccamaw in 
Columbus County, North Carolina.
    Applicant: North Carolina Natural Heritage Program,Stephen P. Hall, 
Raleigh, North Carolina, TE056340-0.
    The applicant requests authorization to take (collect) 15 Saint 
Francis'Satyr (Neonympha mitchellii francisci) for genetic studies. The 
purpose of the collection is to determine the identity of the newly 
discovered populations in Alabama and Virginia. The activities will 
take place at Fort Bragg Army Base, Cumberland and Hoke Counties, North 
    Applicant: Fish and Wildlife Associates, Inc., Pamela M. Boaze, 
Whitter, North Carolina TE056486-0.
    The applicant requests authorization to take (survey, capture, and 
translocate) the pink mucket (Lampsilis abrupta) and orangefoot 
pimpleback (Plethobasus cooperianus) to relocate mussels outside of the 
construction site of a bridge over State Road-2 and the demolition of 
an existing bridge over State Road-2. The proposed activities will take 
place in Loudon, Tennessee.
    Applicant: Mark A. Bailey, Shorter, Macon, TE056488-0.
    The applicant requests authorization to install artificial cavity 
inserts in red-cockaded woodpecker (Picoides borealis) habitat so that 
each cluster has a minimum of four suitable cavities. The proposed 
activities will take place at Mitchell Dam, Richville, and Flag 
Mountain, Coosa County, Alabama.

    Dated: May 8, 2002.
Judy L. Pulliam,
Acting Regional Director.
[FR Doc. 02-13318 Filed 5-28-02; 8:45 am]