[Federal Register: November 12, 1999 (Volume 64, Number 218)]

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[Page 61532]

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Fish and Wildlife Service

50 CFR Part 20

RIN 1018-AF24


Migratory Bird Hunting; Late Seasons and Bag and Possession 

Limits for Certain Migratory Game Birds

AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior.

ACTION: Final rule; correction.


SUMMARY: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (hereinafter Service or we) 

published a document in the September 28, 1999, Federal Register 

prescribing the hunting seasons, hours, areas, and daily bag and 

possession limits for general waterfowl seasons and those early seasons 

for which States previously deferred selection. This document corrects 

errors in season dates and other pertinent information for the States 

of California, Kansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Washington.

DATES: This rule is effective on October 1, 1999.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Jon Andrew, Chief, Office of Migratory 

Bird Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the 

Interior, (703) 358-1714.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: In the September 28, 1999, Federal Register 

(64 FR 52398), we published a final rule prescribing hunting seasons, 

hours, areas, and daily bag and possession limits for general waterfowl 

seasons, certain other migratory bird seasons, and those early seasons 

for which States previously deferred selection. The rule contained 

errors in the entries for California, Kansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, 

and Washington, which are discussed briefly below and corrected by this 


    We received public comment on the proposed rules for the seasons 

and limits contemplated herein. We addressed these comments in the 

August 27, 1999, (64 FR 47072) and September 27, 1999, (64 FR 52124) 

Federal Register. The corrections are typographical in nature and 

involve no change in substance in the contents of the prior proposed 

and final rules.

Sec. 20.104  [Corrected]

    1. On page 52400 under the heading Pacific Flyway, ``New Mexico'' 

is corrected to read ``New Mexico (16).''

Sec. 20.105  [Corrected]

    1. On page 52408 under the heading Mississippi, subheading Geese, 

the subheading ``White-fronted and Brant'' is corrected to read 

``White-fronted''; the subheading ``Brant'' is inserted above the 

subheading Light Geese; and season dates of ``Nov. 23-Jan. 31'' are 

inserted for Brant.

    2. On page 52412, footnote (4) is corrected to read, ``In Kansas, 

exceptions to the dark goose season are as follows: Season dates in the 

Marais des Cygnes Valley (Unit 1), and the Southeast (Unit 2) Dark 

Goose Management Units are December 18, 1999 through February 6, 2000. 

Season dates in the Flint Hills (Unit 3) Dark Goose Management Unit are 

December 4, 1999 through February 6, 2000. Shooting hours in the Marais 

des Cygnes Valley Unit shall be one-half hour before sunrise to 1:00 

p.m. Shooting hours in all other Units shall be one-half hour before 

sunrise to sunset.''

    3. On page 52414 under the heading Washington, subheading Geese, 

subheading Western Management Area 1, subheading Light Geese, the 

season dates of ``Oct. 9-Jan 16'' are corrected to read ``Oct. 9-Jan. 


Sec. 20.109  [Corrected]

    1. On page 52419 the heading ``Mississippi'' is inserted above the 

heading Missouri; under the heading Mississippi, the subheadings 

``Mourning doves'' and ``Ducks, mergansers, and coots'' are inserted; 

and season dates of ``Nov. 29-Dec. 17 & Jan. 9-Feb. 5'' are inserted 

for Mourning doves and ``Jan. 31-Mar. 10'' are inserted for Ducks, 

mergansers, and coots.

    2. On page 52421 under the heading California, subheading White-

fronted Geese, subheading Northeastern Zone, the season dates of ``Jan. 

17-Jan. 22'' are corrected to read ``Nov. 22-Jan. 22.''

    3. On page 52421 under the heading California, subheading Light 

Geese, subheading Northeastern Zone, the season dates of ``Jan. 17-Jan. 

23'' are corrected to read ``Jan. 17-Jan. 22.''

    Dated: October 28, 1999.

Donald J. Barry,

Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks.

[FR Doc. 99-29570 Filed 11-10-99; 8:45 am]