What We Do

We work closely with our partners to conserve native biodiversity and help restore the ecological integrity of Pacific Islands ecosystems for the benefit of present and future generations. This effort is accomplished through leadership, science-based resource management, collaborative partnerships, effective operations and responsible administration. 

The species we protect, and the ecosystems that they form, are unique and irreplaceable treasures with special significance to native Hawaiian and Pacific Island cultures. Pacific Island cultures are inseparable from the native species and ecosystems that have sustained and shaped every aspect of their culture. Healthy ecosystems and sustainable populations of native plants and animals are vitally important to the people, cultures, and economies of the Pacific – they provide food, inspiration, jobs, and help make each island society unique and special. 

Our Programs

Our Projects and Research

The recovery of listed species and the habitats upon which they depend is the ultimate purpose of the endangered species program and the guiding principle for all of our work. Recovery of imperiled species depends on strong partnerships between Federal, State, and private organizations, and individuals.

Laws and Regulations

As our human population grows and cities expand, interactions between people and wildlife are becoming more common. While conservation efforts of the USFWS, our partners, and you can help minimize the negative impacts of these encounters, there are some activities that cannot avoid some disturbance to wildlife.

To address this reality, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife has set up a series of permits that help to balance the needs of people and wildlife and minimize the impact of certain activities. Explore the topics below to find general information and application instructions.