What We Do

We restore essential wetland, upland, and streamside ( riparian riparian
Definition of riparian habitat or riparian areas.

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) habitat; assist private landowners in restoring habitat for pollinators, migratory birds, fish, and threatened, endangered, and at-risk species; work with partners to recover populations of plants and animals listed under the Endangered Species Act; connect communities to nature through broad-based initiatives like the Baltimore Rivers to Harbor Urban Refuge Partnership; provide technical assistance to reduce energy impacts to wildlife: control harmful invasive species invasive species
An invasive species is any plant or animal that has spread or been introduced into a new area where they are, or could, cause harm to the environment, economy, or human, animal, or plant health. Their unwelcome presence can destroy ecosystems and cost millions of dollars.

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, like nutria, from the Chesapeake Bay region; and manage wildlife habitat at beneficial dredge material sites such as Poplar Island and Masonville Cove.

Our Projects and Research