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National wildlife refuges offer us all a chance to unplug from the stresses of daily life and reconnect with our natural surroundings. There are activities year-round at Carlton Pond Waterfowl Production Area including hunting, fishing, wildlife observation and photography.


Most of Carlton Pond Waterfowl Production Area is a shallow freshwater pond formed by an earthen dam. Pond waters attract many species of water birds, including common loons, great blue herons, wood ducks, American black ducks, pintails, blue and green-winged teal, cormorants, and others. Bald eagles are often seen, as are ospreys diving into the still waters for fish. Peregrine falcons migrate through the area each year, and are sometimes seen by visitors. 

Many wood duck boxes have been placed in and around Carlton Pond over the years. These duck boxes are maintained by volunteers and are consistently productive, providing canoeists with a close-up view of wildlife activities.

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Carlton Pond Waterfowl Production Area is managed as part of the Northern Maine National Wildlife Refuge Complex, along with Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge, Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge, and Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.


Carlton Pond Waterfowl Production Area
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