The Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) supports an expansive, intact peat bog system. The free flowing Sunkhaze Stream and its tributaries meander through diverse habitats including raised peat domes, grassy wet meadows, and floodplain forests before joining the restored Penobscot River. Mature upland forests surround the wetlands, protecting this unspoiled landscape for future generations of plants, animals, and people.
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Starting Oct. 29th the Deer Firearm season begins for Maine Residents.

BE SAFE: Orange Clothing is recommended for all Refuge Visitors!

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      The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages an unparalleled network of public lands and waters called the National Wildlife Refuge System. With more than 570 refuges spanning the country, this system protects iconic species and provides some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities on Earth.

      Our Species

      The bogs and stream wetlands of Sunkhaze Meadows provide habitat for many wildlife species. Brook trout and American eel are native to the Sunkhaze Stream system. Beaver are especially abundant along Sunkhaze Stream and its tributaries, as evidenced by their lodges, dams, caches, and scent mounds. The wood turtle, a species of special concern in Maine, has been observed in the Sunkhaze Stream system.