About Us

The Arkansas Ecological Services (ES) Field Office was established in 1998. We provide assistance and services to the state, other federal agencies, and the public in accordance with our conservation mission, policies, federal regulations, and laws. 
In addition to our main office in Conway, Arkansas, we have an Arkansas Delta Sub-office at the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge near Augusta and an Ozark Sub-office near Fayetteville. Together we cooperate to meet every challenge, and individually we stand in steadfast determination to honor our oaths, service, and commitment.

Our Mission

The Arkansas Field Office conserves, protects, and restores fish, wildlife, plants, and their habitats through partnerships and teamwork for the benefit of the present and future generations as outlined in the Endangered Species Act and the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Act.

The vast majority of species are declining due to habitat loss or population disturbance. Working with partners we deploy a three-pronged approach to imperiled species conservation:

  • Habitat management – We work to improve, restore and maintain rare and declining habitats. Projects range from identifying and eliminating sources sources of water pollution to working with landowners to restore historic fire regimes to native prairie habitats.
  • Population management – We work with partners to promote sustainable population levels of rare and threatened species by protecting populations, propagating species in immediate risk of extinction and addressing factors that cause adverse impacts to species.
  • Education – We use a variety of tools to educate the public about rare and declining species and what they can do to help address habitat loss, colony disturbance and pollution.