Fish and Aquatic Conservation

Fish Passage Reconnects Habitats for Healthier Fish, Wildlife, and People!

(Fish Passage = Connected Waterways = Successful Fish Migration)

The National Fish Passage Program works with partners to improve or remove barriers to fish movement and reconnect aquatic habitats.

photo of a paddlefish swimming

Why Fish Passage is Important

And why should we care? Removing barriers, reopening river miles, and reconnecting wetland acres, benefits fish and people.

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Anglers enjoy better fishing due to connected waterways

Fish Passage Projects At Work

The National Fish Passage Program works to remove barriers and reconnect aquatic habitats.

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Riverton dam – before removal a barrier to fish migration

Types of barriers

Dams are one example of a barrier that can keep fish from reaching spawning areas and habitat.

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Service employee with a landowner at a fish passage improvement project


The National Fish Passage Program has worked with over 700 different partners on projects throughout the U.S.

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regional map

Regional Fish Passage Contacts

If you want to learn more about the National Fish Passage Program, please contact a coordinator in your area.

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Photo of an Eastern brook trout - a migratory species

Migratory Species

Whether they travel long distances or stay closer to home, all fish need to move.

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Program coordinators produce and make available a variety of informational and educational materials, from videos to decision support tools.

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photo of bulldozer removing fish passage barrier

Frequently Asked Questions

A few of the most commonly asked questions and answers.

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photo of fish passage assessment project

News and Videos

News and updates from the National Fish Passage Program.

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