What We Do

The Nashua National Fish Hatchery produces Atlantic salmon, landlocked salmon, American shad and round whitefish. The fish are stocked annually in reservoirs, lakes, rivers and coastal streams across New England. The hatchery also produces several hundred brook trout annually for donation to local fishing derbies, outreach, and educational events.

Our Projects and Research

Our hatchery raises a variety of species to stock the many waterbodies of New England. These species include Atlantic and landlocked salmon, brook trout, American shad, and round whitefish. You can learn more about the work we're doing with each species here!

Atlantic salmon are endangered. Although, they once were abundant throughout New England rivers, they are presently only found in rivers in Maine. They are anadromous, meaning they spend most of their life in the ocean, but migrate back to freshwater rivers where they were hatched to spawn (reproduce). After a long migration from the Atlantic ocean, salmon return to the rivers to...