Inclusive Leadership: Practical Ways to Cultivate Inclusion & Build a Better Team


Target Audience: 

FWS Supervisors or Team Leaders

Summary and Objectives:

Leading inclusively has a profound impact on team engagement, belonging, and results. But many leaders don't know what to do differently during their daily actions and decisions making to improve these areas. 

Inclusive Leadership: Practical Ways to Cultivate Inclusion & Build a Better Team shows leaders how to effectively prioritize inclusion and increase belonging on their teams. Leaders will understand that leading inclusively isn't something extra for them to do. It's a way to approach daily leadership behaviors and decisions that lead to collective engagement and belonging.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

Session 1: Engage Every Person to Bring Out Their Best

  • Build meaningful connection with each team member to increase understanding and support of their needs.
  • Advocate for each team member consistently and frequently to increase their visibility.

Session 2: Build a Culture of Belonging

  • Model inclusive behaviors during daily interactions.
  • Work with their team to identify and commit to inclusive culture-building behaviors.
  • Effectively offer redirecting feedback on non-inclusive behaviors that impact the team's culture.

Session 3: Make Better Hiring and Advancement Decisions

  • Expand who's "right" for the role to increase the diversity of candidates considered for hiring or promotion.
  • Standardize processes for evaluating talent to ensure each candidate can demonstrate potential.
  • Record and review evidence of talent and potential to assess talent and make effective decisions.

Competency Addressed:  

Conflict Management - Basic, leveraging diverse talent - Awareness, developing others - Basic, leadership - Basic, empathy - Basic, accountability - Basic

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Training Tuition Cost
4 hours
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