The Impact of a Bystander


Target Audience: 

All USFWS and NPS employees

Summary and Objectives:

Did you know that most people wait for others to intervene in situations, and it ends up that no one does anything?

This course is designed to assist in exploring and defining one's ability to control and express emotions safely and effectively. Bystander intervention is a skill that can be mastered by professionals and it will improve the work-life. We will discuss the acceptance, silence, passivity, and inaction that have been predominant when there is an unjust action. Utilizing a strategic framework, we introduce tools and strategies to address microaggressions, harassment, and safe interventions that move beyond coping and survival but the implementation of concrete action steps and dialogues that targets allies and bystanders to make a difference.

What do Participants Learn?

Module 1 - Understanding origins and motivations of bullying, harassment, or unwanted behaviors.

Module 2 - Identifying and understand the impact of bullying, microaggressions, and the intersectionality of diversity as it relates to harassment.

Module 3 - Tools and resources for safe intervention and disruption of undesired cultural norms.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define Bystander Intervention.
  • Defining microaggression and identify examples.
  • Discuss the impact of microaggression in the workplace.
  • Identify how the Bystander Effect is an approach to help manage microaggressions and harassment.
  • Create awareness surrounding the common occurrences of microaggressions and harassment.
  • Explore the outcomes associated with the experience in an intervention.
  • Discover techniques and tools to minimize when to intervene and ways to respond.

Competency Addressed:

Conflict Management - Basic, Conflict Resolution - Awareness, Decision Making - Awareness, Leveraging Diversity - Awareness, Influence - Awareness, Interpersonal Dynamics - Awareness

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4 hours
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