Financial Foundations for Administrative Professionals


Target Audience:  

FWS Field Administrative Officers. 

Summary and Objectives:  

This program introduces administrative users to financial concepts and processes integrated into the organization's financial management, highlighting the integration points.  The Financial Foundations training program is designed to address the training needs of administrative professionals in finance roles, particularly those with less than three years of experience.  The program aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill leadership responsibilities, with a focus on strategic management of financial process. The program does not provide training on specific transactional functions; however, participants will leave the course with access to detailed resources to carry out tasks. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of financial concepts and their application in an organizational setting.
  • Effectively navigate financial process, make informed decisions, and contribute to the overall financial success of their organizations. 

Competency Addressed:  

Budget Administration - Basic, Financial Analysis - Basic, Financial Management - Intermediate, Fiscal Resource Management - Basic, Principles of Accounting - Basic, Principles of Finance - Basic

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Training Tuition Cost
28 hours
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