Electrofishing Basics


Target Audience: 

FWS aquatic biologists and partners with limited electrofishing experience who wish to serve on an electrofishing crew. This course is not intended for Team Leaders or others requiring certification by policy (instead see CSP2201). 

Summary and Objectives: 

This course provides field-based skills in conducting electrofishing sampling. Topics include an overview of equipment and applications, safety, transport, assembly, water conductivity and turbidity measurements, crew communications, control settings, accessory equipment, and electrofishing gear. Students will gain hands-on experience with backpack, barge, boat or raft electrofishing equipment. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Perform common electrofishing approaches using backpack, barge, boat or raft.
  • Understand and effectively manage safety risks.
  • Operate gear to minimize fish stress, injury, and mortality.
  • Use output goal tables to guide electrical settings.
  • Assemble, operate and maintain various electrofishing gear types.
  • Troubleshoot simple equipment faults.
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28 hours
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