Designing an Effective Training Session


Target Audience:

Personnel that design, develop, or deliver training courses for the National Conservation Training Center.

Summary and Objectives:

Students will gain an understanding of the ADDIE model of training development. They will first learn about Analysis and how it drives the design of a training product. They will then learn how to design and develop a training session through instruction, individual activities, group activities, and practice exercises. Finally, they will explore the different methods of course implementation, and how training evaluation efforts can be used to continuously improve training that has already been implemented.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Given a Job Task Analysis (JTA), audience analysis, content sources, and a lesson plan, design effective training by demonstrating proficiency in evaluating training objectives, validating assessments, reviewing content organization, and assessing methods of instructions.
  • Given training objective(s), a lesson plan, training aid(s) for an existing lesson, and analysis documents, develop effective training by demonstrating proficiency in revising practice exercises, updating lesson plans, and updating training aids.

Competency Addressed: 

Education and Training - Advanced, Learning - Intermediate, Teaching Others - Basic, Accessibility - Awareness, Cost-Benefit Analysis - Awareness

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16.0 hours
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