Coldwater Fish Culture


Target Audience:

Fishery biologists, fish culturists, biological technicians, aquatic animal husbandry caretakers, and other non-supervisory hatchery employees with less than 5 years of work experience.

Summary and Objectives:

Coldwater Fish Culture is an introductory course developed to explore all husbandry activities associated with coldwater fish culture. The curriculum follows the entire life cycle of a fish lot in a hatchery setting. Participants will explore the various techniques and calculations most often used in the aquaculture industry, including egg enumeration and handling, egg incubation, hatching methods, sac-fry care, managing fish from fry to catchable size, methods in brood stock management, and fish stocking. Participants will also investigate topics affecting fish behavior, including biological and environmental conditions, stress and pathogens, basic water chemistries, and various units used for egg incubation and fish rearing. Participants will calculate egg and fish inventories, determine rearing capacities, project fish growth, develop feed schedules, and understand the parameters affecting fish distribution and stocking. The course curriculum includes a balance of applied fisheries science and the practical art of fish culture.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Enumerate both green and eyed eggs.
  • Identify and accurately record critical data needed to complete a lot history form.
  • Complete an accurate sample count and inventory.
  • Calculate fish growth and project fish size.
  • Project a weekly feed ration.
  • Calculate and develop a 90-day feed order.
  • Calculate density and flow indexes and use them to predict when to thin a lot of fish.
  • Recognize the signs and causes of stress in fish
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the various techniques, equipment, and rearing units used in coldwater fish culture throughout the U.S.

Competencies Addressed:

Fishery Biology - Basic, Animal Husbandry - Basic, Aquatic Ecology - Basic 

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