Basic Archery Instructor


Target Audience:

Educators, outdoor recreation planners, naturalists/interpreters, community outreach specialists, resource managers, and others involved in connecting people to the great outdoors.

Summary and Objectives:

You can expand and enhance your site's visitor services program through the fun outdoor activity of archery. In this course, participants will learn the basics of archery and how to facilitate an archery program at their site. This hybrid course has two parts, a 4-hour online pre- session and a 7-hour onsite session and hands-on practical at NCTC. Participants will learn about range setup and safety, the steps of archery shooting, equipment and repair, programs and lesson plans, and how to teach beginner archery programs to people of all ages and abilities. How to run an archery program at your site with partners will also be covered. Upon completion, participants will be certified as USA Archery Level 1 Instructors.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Safely use archery equipment.
  • Perform basic maintenance of archery equipment.
  • Set-up and correctly operate an archery range.
  • Instruct others on how to properly and safely shoot using archery equipment.
  • Implement an archery program that fits with your site's mission.

Competency Addressed: 

Outdoor Recreation - Basic, Firearms - Intermediate, Teaches Others - Intermediate, Outdoor Recreation Management - Basic, Safety - Intermediate

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8 hours
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