2024 FWS Geospatial Training Workshop (Without Monday Intensives)


Target Audience: 

Intermediate to advanced practitioners of geospatial technology.

Summary and Objectives: 

This 3.5-day workshop is an opportunity for intermediate to advanced geospatial practitioners to receive focused, hands-on training that is not otherwise offered at the NCTC. Training options will include multiple 2-4 hour technical sessions focused on a variety of skills and geospatial applications. In addition to the technical sessions, the workshop will feature morning plenary lectures, lighting round talks, and "What's New" software demonstrations. Lecture topics will range from geospatial data management to FWS briefings on regional and national program efforts. The workshop will also include agency program breakout meetings and an online FWS User Map and App Exhibition.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will:

  • Receive hands-on training and practice using the latest geospatial software, equipment, and technology applications.
  • Cultivate professional relationships and collaborate with other FWS geospatial practitioners.
  • Discover new program initiatives within the FWS, including national data integration strategies to promote information sharing among agencies.
  • Share knowledge, expertise, and perspectives among your contemporaries and subject matter experts.

Competency Addressed:

 Geospatial Technologies - Intermediate, Geospatial Analyses - Intermediate, Cartography - Basic, Computer Skills - Intermediate, Map Interpretation - Basic

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28 hours
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