Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region


Welcome to Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge.  USFWS photo.

Welcome to Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge. USFWS photo.

Modern Gun Quota Hunt Information

Check back summer 2017 for updates.

Notice of Regulation Change: You may take feral hog during refuge muzzleloader or quota gun deer hunts on Cache River, Bald Knob, and Wapanocca NWRs with those weapons legal during those hunts. This change supersedes feral hog regulations found in the 2016-2017 Public Use Regulations brochure on these refuges.

Game Checking - Toll Free - 866-305-0808


Bald Knob NWR (Flood Prone Region B) closes to deer hunting when the White River gauge at Augusta reaches 31 feet. This restriction is lifted when the gauge at Augusta falls below 30 feet AND the White River gauge at Georgetown falls to or below 19 feet.


Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) was established in 1993 to protect and provide feeding and resting areas for migrating waterfowl. Acquired as part of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan, this refuge provides a winter home for large concentrations of a number of species of ducks and geese, although it was purchased specifically for pintail management due to its identification as a major staging and wintering area for this prairie species.

Bald Knob NWR encompasses approximately 15,000 acres of forested wetlands and croplands. Lying along the Little Red River and adjacent to the Henry Gray/ Hurricane Lake State Wildlife Management Area this refuge is an important link in protecting wildlife and its habitat.

Since its establishment, management opportunities based on the water management capability on this refuge have been seized upon for species other than waterfowl including shore and wading birds. For example, this refuge provides significant migrating shorebird habitat by creating mud flats. With the diversified management and resulting increases in migratory bird species and concentrations, Bald Knob refuge is becoming renown for its birding opportunities.



Last updated: October 18, 2016