Stocking Fish by Mule Train
Mule train hauling Gila trout into Sapillo Creek, New Mexico

This past October, 377 one-year-old and 68 two-year-old Gila trout broodstock broodstock
The reproductively mature adults in a population that breed (or spawn) and produce more individuals (offspring or progeny).

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were hauled via mule train into the Gila wilderness and stocked into Sapillo Creek. The fish that were stocked were between 7 and 13 inches long. 

All of the fish hauled by mule train had been previously evacuated from Mora National Fish Hatchery during the Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon fires. They were returned back to Mora where their PIT tags were to be scanned in order to sort out the fish by their lineage.

Unfortunately, staff discovered that the fish had shed their PIT tags sometime during their rearing cycle at the hatchery and could not be sorted into their respective lineages. Without a PIT tag to prove their lineage, the trout could not be used as broodstock at the hatchery so instead, used to stock Sapillo Creek.

Mora wants to thank everybody that made this fish stocking trip possible! 

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