Bringing Back Native Prairie at a Washington Tree Farm

The Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program in Washington state has been working hard to transform the tree farm at the Cavness Ranch back into an ecological treasure.

Every year, after a section of Christmas trees is harvested, work begins to return that small piece of the tree farm back to prairie. Eventually, the entire ranch will be converted to native prairie, home to rare and federally-listed species including golden paintbrush, Taylor's checkerspot butterfly, and the Mazama pocket gopher.

Prairies in the Pacific Northwest are a rare and vanishing resource. Over 90% of this ecosystem, a result of the last ice age, has been lost due to development, agriculture, and fire suppression.

Follow along over the course of a year as we and our partners at the Center for Natural Lands Management bring back prairie at the Cavness Ranch, section by section. Learn more about the conservation of prairies in western Washington

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