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Fish and Wildlife Biologist

2651 Coolidge Road, Suite 101
East Lansing, MI 48823
United States

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Areas of expertise
Endangered Species

From The Library

Salamander Mussel SSA Final May 2023

This pdf is the Species Status Assessment Report Version 1.1 for the Salamander Mussel (Simpsonaias ambigua). 

This file contains coordinates for vertices along proposed critical habitat units. 

Salamander Mussel Industrial Economics Memo

Memo from the USFWS to Industrial Economics on the incremental effects for the economic analysis for the proposed rule to designate critical habitat for salamander mussel.

Michigan Freshwater Mussel Survey Protocols and Relocation Procedures for Rivers and Streams

Freshwater mussels are an important component of the biodiversity of Michigan’s aquatic ecosystems. They have a unique ecological role in both rivers and lakes and are valuable indicators of ecosystem integrity and function (Adkinson et al. 2013). Mussels are of significant value to the health...

IEc Salamander Mussel Econ Memo

Draft Screening Analysis of the Likely Economic Impacts of the Proposed Rule to Designate Critical Habitat for the Salamander Mussel.