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Are you looking for a unique gift for a nature enthusiast or a stamp or art collector? Each year the Federal Duck Stamp Office has the stamp printed in at least two formats and develops three or more products such as Certificate of Appreciation (free with purchase), Artist Commemorative Cards, and First Day of Sale covers in limited quantities. These specialty products enable serious collectors an opportunity to expand their collections. Funds from the sale of these items also support habitat conservation and promote the artists who donate their art for conservation.The annual Federal and Junior Duck Stamps and Duck Stamp Commemorative Products go on sale at the end of June. A “First Day of Issue” event is often held to celebrate the artists, purchasers, and conservation partners.

The annual Federal Duck Stamps are printed in at least two formats on pressure-sensitive adhesive paper. The most common format is the pane of 1 dollar bill-sized sheetlet which features a detachable stamp on a carrier with additional artwork and information. A smaller quantity of sheets of 20 stamps are printed as well. These sheets of 20 are perforated and can be purchased as single stamps, blocks of several stamps, or as entire sheets. After three years, unsold stamps and products are withdrawn from sale and destroyed. This enhances their value as collectibles. Those looking for older stamps and commemorative products will need to find specialized dealers. Please note the Duck Stamp Office does not carry and cannot provide a list of stamp dealers.

Who Needs It

Commemorative products broaden the selection for collectors and others who want to showcase Duck Stamps in different ways. Often these products are sold to commemorate a special event, such as First Day of Sale, or to highlight a specific theme or issue. As many collectors look for mementos of these events, these products have both a Federal Duck Stamp and a special postal cancel.

Two primary products are caches (also called covers or envelopes) that have different themes and artwork along with the current stamp. For example, the theme “Habitat Benefits All Species” highlights the habitat conservation importance of the stamp and is illustrated with the annual nongame migratory bird companion species also found on the back of the stamp. The second product developed each year is the Artist Commemorative Card which carries the new stamp as well as the stamp that was released three years previously and is being removed from sale. Special line artwork accompanies each stamp.

To increase their value and collectability, only a small number of these special products are produced each year. Products bearing the image of individual Federal Duck Stamps are sold through our Licensing Program. Funds from the sale of these products are donated with the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission for the conservation of wetland habitats.

The artists retain the copyright to their artwork itself. They may produce and sell limited edition prints or other products for their individual profit. Please contact the artists, or their agents and private dealers, directly to view and purchase artist prints.

Please note: the Federal Duck Stamp Office does not purchase and cannot act as a broker for those looking to evaluate or sell their stamp, artist print, or collectible commemorative products or collections.


  • Purchase your stamp product from the US Postal Store or Amplex
  • Personalize your covers or commemoratives by hiring the artist to adorn it with a remarque or to sign it
  • Share with your friends and family that you support wildlife habitat conservation and the wonderful artwork that makes the stamp unique
  • Visit a National Wildlife Refuge in your area and see your Duck Stamp Dollars at work

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