About this Collection

Here, you will find information on the services we provide to support wetland conservation.

The North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grants supports public-private partnerships in long-term protection, restoration and enhancement of wetlands and associated upland habitats for migratory birds.  More than 5.3 million acres of wetland and adjacent upland habitat is conserved permanently through easements and land acquisition by a host of government agencies and nonprofits.  

The National Coastal Wetlands Conservation grants funds the purchase of private property or property easements in coastal and Great Lakes states and U.S. territories to protect, restore and enhance coastal wetlands and associated uplands. Over 600,000 acres of coastal wetlands is conserved permanently or through long term easements. 

The Partners for Fish and Wildlifeprovides free technical and financial assistance to landowners, managers, tribes, corporations, schools, and nonprofits interested in improving wetland and other wildlife habitat on their land. 

Funding from the Federal Duck Stamp  purchased each year by duck and goose hunters and conservationists, is used to acquire priority wetland habitats for the National Wildlife Refuge System. 

The National Fish Passage Program provides financial and technical assistance in the planning, design, implementation, and monitoring of projects that reconnect wetlands to aquatic habitat fragmented by barriers such as dams or culverts. 

National Fish Habitat Partnership Coordination provides funding, technical expertise, and on the ground coordination to find comprehensive solutions to the nation’s biggest challenges facing wetlands and other fish habitatS.