A man waist deep in water holding a silver fish and his fishing rod

The refuge provides aquatic habitat that supports fishable populations of game fish in lower Whittlesey Creek, in Little Whittlesey Creek and along the shore of Lake Superior. Little if any game fishing opportunity is available in Terwilliger Creek. Nineteen fish species have been identified in Whittlesey Creek National Wildlife Refuge waters. The current fish community of Whittlesey Creek consists of numerous introduced salmonids, including migratory coho salmon, rainbow (steelhead) and brown trout, and resident rainbow and brown trout. These introduced salmonids are considered “naturalized” because their populations are sustained by natural reproduction. In addition, splake are stocked in Chequamegon Bay and are increasingly found in Whittlesey Creek. There are special regulations for trout fishing.

Laws, rules, and regulations