A brown sign with ducks on the side of a road that reads Pajaro Observation Blind

Our 4.5-mile auto tour route begins as you enter the Refuge from North Dakota State Highway 57. Once you pass through the entrance gate, you are inside the large animal enclosure where bison, elk, and deer are present. For the safety of animals and visitors, please remain in your vehicle except in designated areas. The auto tour route leads visitors  to the visitor center parking lot and hiking trails.

Beyond the parking lot, the Devils Lake Vista Loop is open to visitors each year from World Migratory Bird Day (second Saturday in May) through the end of National Wildlife Refuge Week (second week in October).

Prior to arriving at the visitor center parking lot, visitors can drive to White Horse Hill Overlook. This are is excluded from the animal enclosure and visitors are welcome to get out of their vehicle, stretch their legs, and if desired, use the stairway trail to climb to the top of White Horse Hill.

A short walking trail close to the visitor center takes visitors into the prairie dog town where prairie dogs can be viewed close-up from either side of the road. Please do not feed the prairie dogs - human food is detrimental to their health and survival.