Laws and Regulations

To protect wildlife and habitats the following regulations are enforced:

  • The Refuge is open to the public during daylight hours only.
  • Vehicles must stay on designated roads. Off road driving is prohibited. All-terrain vehicles are not allowed on or off road.
  • Camping and fires are prohibited. State and private campgrounds are located nearby.
  • Collecting plants, animals, or historic artifacts is not allowed.
  • Check the Refuge fishing and hunting brochure for special regulations for these activities.
An aerial view of pelican island.

The National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act provides authority, guidelines and directives for the Service to improve the National Wildlife Refuge System; administers a national network of lands and waters for the conservation, management, and restoration of fish, wildlife and plant...

The National Wildlife Refuge Volunteer Improvement Act authorizes cooperative agreements with nonprofit partner organizations, academic institutions, or State and local governments to construct, operate, maintain, or improve refuge facilities and services, and to promote volunteer, outreach, and...