Today Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge is part of a complex of six National Wildlife Refuges in the Klamath Basin that include Tule Lake, Upper Klamath, Lower Klamath, Klamath Marsh, Bear Valley, and Clear Lake, whose combined mission is to protect what remains of what once was the largest  wetlands area west of the Mississippi River.

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      Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge

      On April 3, 1928, Calvin Coolidge reserved and set apart 7,560 acres of lands to be known as the Upper Klamath Wildlife Refuge, for the use as a refuge and breeding ground for birds and wild animals”. Today Upper Klamath NWR is composed of several units including Hanks Marsh on the south end of Upper Klamath Lake, the Upper Klamath unit on the north end, and the Barnes and Agency Ranch north of the Upper Klamath Unit. The Refuge represents important habitat for a host of waterbirds and are especially important to spring migrating waterfowl.

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      Cows examine the camera while standing in a grassland

      Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge near Klamath Falls, Oregon, has two cattle grazing opportunities on the Barnes Unit and one field for wild grass haying. The grazing and haying units can only be accessed through private land, so it will be the responsibility of the...