Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge Complex

UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge lies within the boundary area of Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge and they are managed as one unit. 


Project Leader: Paul Santavy

Deputy Project Leader: Matt DeRosier

Wetland District Manager: Matt DeRosier

P.O. Box 110

Airport Road

Lewistown, Montana 59457


Phone (406) 538-8706

Fax (406) 538-7521


Sand Creek Field Station

Station Manager: Mike Assenmacher 

P.O. Box 89

8407 Highway 191 North

Roy, MT 59471 


Phone (406) 464-5181


Fort Peck Field Station

Station Manager: Aaron Johnson

P.O. Box 166 

270 Montana Hwy 117

Fort Peck, MT 59223 


Phone (406) 526-3464 

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