Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge, established in 1964, is an important link in the chain of feeding and resting areas for waterfowl and other migratory birds using the Pacific Flyway. The refuge is one of four refuges in the Central Washington National Wildlife Refuge Complex. Although Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge was established primarily for migratory waterfowl, many other migratory and resident wildlife species benefit from refuge habitat management.

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Toppenish is a refuge for the serious birder, and it’s managed that way. There aren't a lot of amenities, there are no rangers with campfire talks, the refuge is managed for wildlife, not people. If you come here, it'll be you and nature and not much else. Perfect.

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      It's all about the birds. Not only is the spring and fall migration an exciting time to visit the refuge, but the summer is as well. Great horned owlets are learning to fend for themselves, coveys of quail forage around the visitor center and many species of songbirds can be seen and heard along the walking trail.

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      A brown and white patterned wading bird standing in grass on the edge of a wetland

      The American Bittern is a medium-sized heron of approximately 60-85cm in length. Adult plumage is brown with heavy white streaks. A distinguishing feature of this bird is a black streak that extends from the eye down the side of its neck. Males and females are similar in appearance, but males...

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