A Service employee leads a group on a hike; the attendees look through binoculars at wildlife

Guided Walks at Steigerwald Lake and Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuges

Birding with Ken Pitts at Steigerwald Lake NWR

Whether you are new to birding or have been watching them your whole life, Ken Pitts offers easy and interesting ways to learn about the amazing world of our feathered friends. Spending his career as a high school teacher and  climate change climate change
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 educator, Ken has a passion for making connections between people and the natural world. When he is not leading bird walks, he can be found out in nature doing wildlife photography from his backyard to all over southern WA and northern OR, supporting the Gorge Refuge Stewards Photography group and their Youth Photography contest. 

Upcoming walks start at 7 am at the Steigerwald Lake Refuge main parking lot off Highway 14 across from 45th Street. All walks are slow paced for about 1 mile down the new Mountain View Trail from the main parking lot and then back for a total of 2 miles.  Some walks may go further into the Refuge depending on what the group decides, though you may turn around at any point or continue further if you'd like. For most walks, spotting scopes and binoculars will be available to borrow to help you get even closer to the wildlife! For more information about trail accessibility, click here to see the Steigerwald Trails webpage

  • Saturday August 5th, 7am
  • Saturday August 19th, 7 am
Birding with Robert Vanderkamp at Ridgefield NWR

Before moving here from Michigan, Robert led bird walks as the President of his Audubon Chapter for 17 years.  He has been watching birds for most of his adult life and lives by the motto “care and share”. He loves talking to people about birds and is excited to host bird walks at the Carty Unit every second Saturday of the month. We will post these a few months at a time to accommodate any needed changes in the schedule. 

Upcoming walks start at 8 am at the Carty Unit of the Refuge and are limited to 10 people. These generally last two to three hours but you are welcome to stay as long or short as works for you. Walks are free but the $3 refuge daily fee does apply. For more information about the fee and rules of the refuge click here

  • Saturday, August 12th, 8 am
  • Saturday, September 9th, 8am
  • Saturday, October 14th, 8am


More walks to be announced later this summer and fall, so stay tuned.