Facility Rules and Policies

All rules, regulations and policies support the mission of the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Rules and Regulations

Refuge rules and regulations consist of:

  • Refuge trails and the wildlife drive are open from sunrise to sunset
  • Dogs, horses and other pets are not allowed
  • Boating is allowed only on navigable waterways flowing through the refuge
  • Obey posted “Closed Area” and “Refuge Boundary” signs
  • Collecting, removing, or damaging artifacts, plants or animals, including insects is prohibited
  • Stay on established roads and trails
  • Boat access into the marsh and pool units of the refuge is not allowed
  • Overnight mooring of watercraft is prohibited in all areas of the refuge
  • Snowmobiles, ATVs and other motorized vehicles are not allowed within the refuge boundaries
  • Camping is not permitted
  • Open fires are not permitted
  • Possession or use of fireworks or explosives is not permitted
  • Spotlighting wildlife is not permitted at any time
  • Possession or use of alcohol is not permitted
  • Please take all litter with you
Hunting Regulations

By law, recreational activities on national wildlife refuges are prohibited unless expressly permitted:

  • The use or possession of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances, including marijuana, is prohibited.
  • Camping and Fires
  • Searching for or removal of any natural items such as antlers, plants, historic, and archaeological features, are protected by Federal law.
  • Use of electronic or photographic trail monitoring devices (“Game Cameras”)
  • Hunting with dogs is allowed for migratory birds and small game only. Training of dogs is not allowed.
  • Cutting of vegetation for blinds, shooting lanes, or any other purpose is prohibited.
  • The use of paint, flagging, reflectors, tacks, or other human-made materials to mark trails, trees, refuge features or hunting locations is prohibited.
  • Hunting over bait and the distribution of bait, including salt licks, mineral blocks, or any chemical substance applied to the ground or vegetation is prohibited on refuge lands. Construction of food plots is also prohibited.
  • Hunting is prohibited within 200 yards of any public use facility.

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