Hunting at Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge

Woman dressed warmly in camouflage and standing in marsh reeds aims a shotgun into the air

In the late 1800s, the hardwood forests and rivers that make up what is now Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge were the perfect hideout for many famous outlaws, including Frank and Jesse James, Belle Starr and the Daltons. Today, the refuge retains much of that remote and wild character. Hunters will find a variety of game in the bottomland habitat, but waterfowl draw the most sportsmen and women. The refuge is a resting point along the Central Flyway for thousands of mallard, wigeon, wood duck, pintail and various other species. Hunters should know that water depths can be irregular throughout the refuge, which can make wading difficult. Deer hunting is by special permit only. Go to for information. Incidental take of feral hog (exotics) is legal while upland game hunting and during controlled deer hunts. Upland game species include coot, snipe, mourning dove, woodcock, cottontail rabbit, swamp rabbit, gray squirrel and fox squirrel.

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