A woman with a braid in her hair looking through binoculars at a scrubby landscape

The entirety of Seedskadee is open to walking, hiking and birding. Birding is usually great anywhere on the refuge, especially the places along the river with cottonwoods or shrubs, during migration times especially.  Spring migrations usually begin in February and end by June, with the peak usually in May. Fall migration gets started in August and ends by November generally speaking, with peak times in September/October. All this varies depending upon species of bird and local weather patterns. Slate Creek Campground to the north of the refuge is also an excellent place to view warblers during migration. The refuge is home to many resident species, including the sage grouse, which utilize the refuge most often in the heat of the summer.  Broods can be seen crossing the auto tour route leading their young down into the wet meadows for a drink and to take advantage of the abundant greenery and insects.