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Staff can be reached by dialing the extension after the machine picks up on the general Refuge phone line (307) 875-2187.  Please be away we have constant phone issues, our phone line goes out often, especially after a storm or any sort of moisture.  If the phone continually rings and the answering machine does not pick up, please try the cell phone numbers listed below.  Thank you for your patience with us and our dated phone system! 

Project Leader: Tom Koerner x16 or (307) 413-6149,

Wildlife Refuge Specialist: Katie Theule x10 or (307) 413-8157,

Sage Steppe Ecologist: Colin Dovichin x24 (307)707-6005,

Maintenance: Gene Smith x15 (307) 870-6721,

        Ron Swanson x15 (307) 870-8012,

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Fontenelle Dam Releases and Green River Flows

Check the US Bureau of Reclamation's website for the latest information on inflows and releases from Fontenelle Dam.

The US Geological Survey maintains a gauge station just below Fontenelle Dam and upstream of the refuge. Water temperature, as well as current flows can be viewed.

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