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City Nature Challenge 2019

This year's challenge took place in special areas of the refuge. Read the story to see what they found!

San Diego City Nature Challenge 2019


Final EA completed for new parking lot

April 15, 2019 parking lot figure thumb

The new 43-space parking lot, with 5 pull-through trailer spaces, will start construction in Fiscal Year 2020. It will support pedestrian, equestrian, and mountain bike users of the Refuge's Sweetwater River Trail, as well as volunteer and environmental education programs. Read here for more information and the recently completed Final Environmental Assessment and FONSI.

New Visitor Parking Area Planned

Refuge Manager receives award

February 28, 2019 Jill_award_2-28-19_thumb

The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation recognized refuge manager Jill Terp for her outstanding partnership with the County in expanding trails within San Diego National Wildlife Refuge (SDNWR), and in the surrounding network of public lands surrounding the refuge. Jill was specifically recognized for three major projects.

Refuge Manager Jill Terp Recognized by County of San Diego

Monterey salamander documented

February 4, 2019 monterey salamander_02-04-19_JohnMartin_150pix

Discovered in the dark of night, four rain-soaked biologists led by U.S. Geological Survey herpetologist Dr. Robert Fisher found several Monterey salamanders (Ensatina eschscholtzii eschscholtzii) in rock crevices along the upper reaches of San Miguel Mountain, an area closed to the public. This particular find expands the known range of this secretive amphibian by six miles further west! Fisher is planning another outing soon to obtain samples in order to survey for the presence of chytrid fungus, which causes an infectious and deadly disease in amphibians called Chytridiomycosis.

Agua Vista Fire on SDNWR

November 27, 2018 Agua fire 2018

On Tuesday, November 27, at approximately 9 AM a fire broke out on an easement next to the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge near Proctor Valley on Agua Vista Drive in Chula Vista.

Agua Fire on San Diego National Wildlife Refuge
We are an Urban Refuge

The SoCal Urban Wildlife Refuge Project

Urban Wildlife Refuge circle sticker logo

On August 13, 2014, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and Director Dan Ashe announced a new $1M annual award for the SoCal Urban Wildlife Refuge Project. This effort spans across the San Diego NWR Complex, Los Angeles, and the Hopper Mountain NWR Complex in Ventura. The project connects urban audiences with nature in their backyards, and engages Southern California communities and youth in wildlife conservation.

SoCal Urban Wildlife Refuge Project

About the Complex

San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Complex

San Diego National Wildlife Refuge is managed as part of the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

Read more about the complex
About the NWRS

National Wildlife Refuge System


The National Wildlife Refuge System, within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, manages a national network of lands and waters set aside to conserve America's fish, wildlife, and plants.

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