Facility Activities

The primary use of the Refuge is as habitat to support native species, particularly listed and sensitive species. Other currently authorized activities on the Refuge are: 
•    hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding on the County of San Diego’s Sweetwater River Trail and Par Four Trail; 
•    guided hikes to support wildlife observation and photography, interpretation, environmental education; 
•    ranger-led programs and events!

Wildlife & Habitat

The San Diego National Wildlife Refuge supports an extremely diverse assemblage of habitat types and species. More than 14 species are currently listed as threatened or endangered, including some species addressed in the San Diego Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP). Although a comprehensive wildlife inventory has not yet been completed for the refuge; however, various surveys have been conducted over the years for different portions of the Refuge. More information about the wildlife present on the Refuge is provided in the Comprehensive Conservation Plan