Field Trips and Activities 

Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge offers free educational field trips and activities on and off refuge for all ages (college, adults, scouts, etc.). If possible, contact us at least two weeks ahead of time.

Available on refuge:

  • Fishing - we have a youth fishing pond for catch and release
  • Nature Walk - there are five trails 
  • Birding - 30 binoculars are available to borrow
  • Salt Flats and Selenite Crystal Digging - 30 shovels are available to borrow

Available off refuge:

  • Shorebird Migration - with lesson plans and activities 
  • Birding
  • Fishing - informational
  • General Information about the refuge

Are you interested in something else? We can develop something specific to your interest.

Accessibility:  Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge is committed to making field trips and activities accessible for everyone. We can adapt and provide accommodation if needed.

Contact: Visitor Services Specialist, Melissa Robell at