Woman dressed warmly in camouflage and standing in marsh reeds aims a shotgun into the air

Hunters can enjoy a number of opportunities on the refuge. The areas open to hunting include diverse habitats that provide excellent opportunities for deer and small game hunting. These areas are marked with "Public Hunting Area" signs and are denoted on the hunting brochure that's available at some parking lots and at refuge headquarters.

White-tailed deer are particularly numerous, and an archery deer season allows hunters to pursue the animals throughout the season. A limited-entry firearms hunt is also held. Upland bird hunters can find flights of woodcock in boggy areas, ruffed grouse in forests and snipe in the wetland areas. Hunters with disabilities may apply for a special deer hunt.

The refuge encourages deer hunters to consider using lead free ammunition while hunting. Research has found that lead pieces left behind in the gut piles of deer are dangerous and even deadly to the eagles and other wildlife that eat them.

In addition to state regulations, reference refuge-specific regulations:

Rules and Policies

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This brochure contains Rice Lake's hunting regulations, including the species the refuge is open to. Additionally, it includes a map of the refuge, illustrating the areas open to hunting.