A smartphone snapping a photo of a bright yellow flower in a grassy field

Photography opportunities are endless at Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge:  from shooting photos of a black bear with her cubs as they forage and feed on sweet cane along the roadside, to tens of thousands of migrating waterfowl, to a leaping white-tailed deer as it darts into the forest, to a snake that has slithered out of a canal to sun itself on the road next to a canal, to a sunset over the Scuppernong River from our boardwalk. With a little patience and a cell phone or digital camera, and extra memory card, any visitor can discover limitless possibilities to capture the beauty of the refuge.

Wildlife photography opportunities may be found throughout the refuge. The Pungo Lake Observation Point at the end of the Duck Pen Wildlife Trail features a blind with openings for photography.

When engaging in wildlife photography, it is important to keep safety in mind at all times. Please do not approach wildlife or allow close proximity. Do not feed wildlife, and keep safe distances from female wildlife and their offspring.