Facility Rules and Policies

Rules and Policies

  • Stay on marked trails- for your safety and the safety of the refuge’s wildlife. Be mindful that many trails are restricted to walking only. See our trail maps. (The North Tract property contains active firing ranges and unexploded ordnance. It is critical to safety that all visitors stay on roads and trails.)
  • Pets- Leash all pets. While your pet may be very behaved, please keep their leash to 10’ or shorter and  in hand at all times. Remember to pick up their waste.
  • Fishing-  is permitted in designated areas only. Please observe Maryland State regulations.
  • Swimming- nor wading is permitted on the refuge. Streams and other wet environments are protected homes for wildlife.
  • Boating- is not permitted on the refuge. (Anglers may use boats under 14’ on Cash Lake.)
  • Collecting wildlife, plants, or artifacts- is prohibited. Releasing of wildlife or plants to the refuge is prohibited due to the risk of disease transmission.
  • Fires- are not permitted on the refuge.
  • Drones- Please do not fly drones on the refuge due to their disturbance to wildlife and visitors.
  • Consumption of alcohol- is not permitted on the refuge.
  • Gas motorized vehicles- must be street legal and may not travel on trails.