Elderly lady holding DSLR camera and preparing to take a picture.

Moments of stunning beauty and wildlife drama can happen on every trail and in every season. Some areas are especially good for those interested in taking pictures.   

North Tract: During the summer months the refuge hangs hummingbird feeders around the Contact Station. Expect to see half a dozen birds feeding at a time. Another popular place to see birds is along Wildlife Way, where a set of major power lines crosses the road. Under these lines a shrub-and-meadow environment attracts many warblers and other insectivores.   

South Tract: Our bird-viewing area, located next to the Visitor Center, permits an excellent opportunity to see many species. The location has been set up to provide excellent lighting while maintaining the look of a natural forest environment. When peering through the blind it is often possible to photograph birds that are only several feet away. This making the location ideal for smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras.