Two woman in bright clothing and helmets riding down a dirt road on electric assisted mountain bikes

Touring the North Tract portion of the refuge on a bike provides an opportunity to see much more of the refuge in a single visit. However, please note that many North Tract trails are narrow and reserved for foot traffic, only. Our refuge maps show the trails where bike-riding is allowed.

North Tract- Many trails on this portion of the refuge are former tank roads. The surfaces are compacted, but not suitable for road bikes. Wildlife Way, which traverses most of North Tract, presents the best opportunity for bikes with street tires.  

South Tract- Biking is not permitted on South Tract trails.  However, many road bikers make use of the paved, one-way entrance road to the Visitor Center. Please note that this road is also frequently crossed by refuge wildlife, from slow-moving turtles and snakes to dashing deer.