Facility Rules and Policies

As you visit, please keep in mind that you are a guest here.  The habitats we manage are homes to several species of birds and other wildlife.  We provide their houses, food stores, breeding grounds, and rest areas.  You can be a welcome guest by following a few simple guidelines and setting an example for those who are not “in the know”!

Please DO:

  • Visit from ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset.
  • Stay on designated refuge trails and at designated refuge viewing areas.
  • Stay in your car along the Wildlife Drive until you reach designated viewing areas marked with a brown and white binocular sign. At viewing areas, stay with your car and on the trail.
  • Walk your dog on a leash on the Seneca Trail and Refuge entrance road only.
  • Fish only in designated areas.
  • Observe information and orientation signs.

Please DO NOT:

  • Leave designated trails, walk on dikes, enter into water/Refuge pools, enter into closed areas.
  • Jog/Run anywhere on the refuge.
  • Bicycle anywhere on the refuge.
  • Camp, have fires, or stay overnight on any part of the Refuge.
  • Collect any materials (feathers, plants, rocks, animals, etc.) from the Refuge.
  • Park on the Wildlife Drive and then take a walk along the Drive.
  • Fish or boat in Refuge pools and other waters.  You may fish and boat in the canals and rivers around the Refuge from designated fishing and launching areas.
  • Feed wildlife.
  • Fly drones.
  • Walk your dog, except on the Seneca Trail and Refuge entrance road.