Youth biking on gravel path next to deciduous trees

Bicycling is a wonderful way to see the refuge because visitors can travel through large portions of the back-country. There are many miles of roads and trails available for biking, year-round.  Remember that our trails are mixed-use; please ride slowly and be aware of visitors walking and standing on trails.

Refuge trails and service roads are open to bicycling, with the following exceptions:

  • Bluff Trail, from Indian Mounds spur to Old Cedar Avenue: CLOSED to bicycling
  • Hillside Trail, located at the Bloomington Education and Visitor Center grounds: CLOSED to bicycling
  • Bicycles are not allowed off established trails at any time. Fat bikes must remain on established trails, even during winter months
  • Please respect the land and refrain from biking after a flood or rain event to prevent erosion and maintain the trail surface.

Be Prepared

  • Trails and service roads may be paved, crushed gravel, or hard-packed dirt. Some of the less developed roads may have areas of loose sand
  • Be aware of the possibility of vehicles on the roads. Refuge staff, researchers, and utility services can be encountered on service roads and trails
  • If you encounter deep mud or pooling water, dismount and carefully pass in the immediate shoulder of the trail or service road. It is against Federal regulations to bicycle off trail, or create new trails and temporary bridge structures
  • Report any downed trees, or other trail maintenance issues by calling 952-854-5900