A man waist deep in water holding a silver fish and his fishing rod
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Two fishing piers on Ten-Mile Cut and five piers along Clam Lake provide excellent opportunities for fishing and crabbing. Surf fishing is also allowed on the refuge along the Gulf of Mexico. Fishing and crabbing are in accordance with State regulations and subject to the following regulations. Fishing and crabbing and allowed year-round in TenMile Cut, Clam Lake, Mud Bayou, Mud Lake, the beach along the Gulf of Mexico, and along roadside ditches open to the public. Fishing is allowed using pole and line, rod and reel, or hand-held line only. All lines must be removed when you are finished so that other wildlife does not become tangled in your lines. Cast-netting for bait for personal use along waterways in areas open to fishing is permitted. Fishing from or mooring to water control structures or bridges is prohibited, as well as harvesting fish or crabs for commercial purposes. The harvest of frogs, turtles, shrimp and oysters is prohibited. Five small boat ramps are available for launching small, shallow-draft boats only. Boat ramps are located at Clam Lake (2) Ten-Mile Cut, Five-Mile Cut, and Star Lake (hunt season use only). Outboard motor boats and non-motorized boats, with no more than 25 HP and 9-inch propeller, may be used to access Mud Bayou, Mud Lake, Ten-mile Cut, and Clam Lake year-round. Seasonal access between March 15th and August 31st for the Star Lake boat ramp. Non-motorized boats may be used to access Five-Mile Cut between March 15th and August 31st. Personal watercrafts are prohibited on the refuge.

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