Whether you want to further conservation, learn more about nature, or share your love of the outdoors, you’ve come to the right place. National Wildlife Refuges provide many opportunities for you to help your community and fish and wildlife by doing what you love.

Local Opportunities

Contact Kathryn_Brenner@fws.gov  to find out how you can gain new experiences while helping to advance wildlife conservation at Marais des Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge. We’re looking for volunteers for a variety of jobs:

· Trail Maintenance

· Pollinator Gardner

· Interpretive Guide

· Photography/Videography

· Maintenance Support

· Biological Support

· Lawn Care

· Environmental Education

Resident Opportunities

We are looking for a volunteer or volunteer couple to work at the refuge from May-October (dates negotiable) performing maintenance work (other opportunities available). We ask that volunteers work a minimum of 24 hours/week, with a maximum commitment of 32 hours/week.

We offer a full hook-up campsite (water, sewer, electric service), provide all necessary uniform components, and safety equipment (vest, hard hat, etc.), along with free laundry, and a shed for storage. Volunteers provide their own RV or trailer.

The volunteer's duties consist of but are not limited to:

  • ·Mowing trails and access lanes
  • ·String trimming
  •   Fence removal
  •   Boundary sign replacement
  •   Tractor operation
  •  Other general maintenance 

For more information and to apply for the position go to https://www.volunteer.gov/s/volunteer-opportunity/a093d000000apG7/rv-ma…

Volunteer Opportunities

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, working for wildlife, this could be a great opportunity for you!We are looking for a volunteer or volunteer couple to work at the refuge from May to October (dates negotiable, minimum month stay) performing maintenance work (other opportunities available). We...

Education Programs

Refuge staff is available to do Educational Programs off-site or virtually.  Please contact Visitor Services Manager Nova Clarke at 913-352-8956 xt 311 for more information.